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Caterpillar 627E Scraper


Heaped Capacity20.1 cu yds (15 m)
Max Depth of Cut13.2 in (34 cm)
Rated Payload48060.8 lbs (21,800 kg)
Struck Capacity14 cu yds (11 m)
Width of Cut10 ft (3 m)


Height - Top of Cab11.1 ft (3 m)
Overall Height12.2 ft (4 m)
Overall Length42.3 ft (13 m)
Overall Width11.4 ft (3 m)
Tractor Ground Clearance1.8 ft (1 m)
Wheelbase25.3 ft (8 m)

Operating Specifications

Cooling System Fluid Capacity36.8 gal (139 l)
Differential Fluid Capacity37.8 gal (143 l)
Engine Oil Fluid Capacity14.3 gal (54 l)
Fuel Capacity208.7 gal (790 l)
Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity51.6 gal (195 l)
Operating Voltage24 V V
Tire Size33.25-29 26PR (E-3)
Transmission Fluid Capacity41 gal (155 l)
Wheel Coolant Fluid Capacity - each23.8 gal (90 l)

Scraper Engine

Displacement640.8 cu in (0 m)
Gross Power246 hp (183 kw)
Net Power225 hp (168 kw)
Power Measured @2200 rpm

Tractor Engine

Displacement640.8 cu in (0 m)
Gross Power238 hp (177 kw)
Net Power225 hp (168 kw)
Power Measured @2100 rpm


Max Speed Forward35.8 mph (58 kph)
Max Speed Reverse6.5 mph (10 kph)
Number of Forward Gears8
Number of Reverse Gears1


Front Axel - loaded60208.3 lbs (27,310 kg)
Front Axle - empty44753.9 lbs (20,300 kg)
Rear Axle - empty31682.7 lbs (14,371 kg)
Rear Axle - loaded64229.5 lbs (29,134 kg)
Total Operating - empty76436.5 lbs (34,671 kg)
Total Operating - Loaded124437.8 lbs (56,445 kg)

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