Cherry Hill Rocks on With Custom NYE Grapple

Wed December 18, 2002 - Northeast Edition

Cherry Hill Construction Inc. began doing business with National Attachments Inc. (NA) in 1996 when Equipment Superintendent Gerry Clarendon purchased a NYE extendable dipperstick for a Komatsu PC95.

Recently, Cherry Hill successfully bid the Patapsco River dredging project in Maryland. The project called for the removal of millions of yards of river bottom and lining the river bank with 66,000 tons 59,400 t) of armorstone. The armorstone weighed between 1,500 and 3,300 lbs. (680 and 1,497 kg) each and was required to be placed in an interlocking fashion. Cherry Hill needed a rock grapple that could manipulate these stones with extreme precision.

Cherry Hill turned to NA for a custom-designed grapple. Bid specifications were tight so the grapple was designed from the ground up. Demolition Products Vice President David Hall and Clarendon collaborated on the design of the grapple.

As a result, a NYE 2 over 1 extreme service rock grapple with continuous rotation was mounted on a Cat 330. The combination was so effective that within two weeks, Clarendon ordered a second grapple to be mounted on another 330.

According to Clarendon, “They [NA] make the machines more versatile, it gives us an edge on competition and an added margin of safety.

“Over the past seven years, we’ve been doing business with NA. They’ve met all our needs, especially for specialty-type attachments,” said Clarendon.

Since its first experience with NA, Cherry Hill has become a loyal customer of NA and NYE products not only because of the quality of the equipment but also because of the service it has received.

“Their staff has always been there to answer our questions and provide us with well-engineered products capable of withstanding the abuse our industry demands.

“Their products have given us the edge we need to bring the job in on time and we will continue our relationship with NA in the future,” concluded Clarendon.

For more information, call 800/839-9981.