ClearSpan Releases New Fabric Cover with 30 Year Warranty

Mon April 22, 2019 - National Edition

ClearSpan Fabric Structures recently released the Armor Shield cover, which is a 29 oz architectural vinyl building cover that is designed for ultimate durability. ClearSpan stands by the durability of this new cover with a 30 year warranty, so customers will be able to take advantage of their structure decades into the future.

The Armor Shield cover's protective membrane consists of seven layers, including a sturdy base fabric, multiple layers of protective coating and dual-sided PVDF top coat that increases durability and repels dirt, all to create a long-lasting tensile fabric of the highest quality. This cover is both mildew resistant and flame retardant.

This new material has gone through rigorous testing, and even withstood more than 900 lbs. in a grab strength test, surpassing the maximum strength capacity of the testing machine. The high-tensile strength allows users to customize structures with architectural design elements without compromising the integrity of the building.

The new Armor Shield cover is available to outfit ClearSpan's extensive line of building styles in white, grey, tan and green. A 12 oz poly cover accompanied by a 20 year warranty also is available for all ClearSpan buildings upon request.

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