Cleveland Brothers Awarded Five Star Rating From Cat

Wed December 15, 2004 - Northeast Edition

Cleveland Brothers Equipment Company, headquartered in Harrisburg, PA, congratulated all personnel of the Chambers Hill hydraulic and machine shop and Manada Hill engine division in Harrisburg, PA, the Milesburg Truck Shop, Turbotville branch and the Wilkes-Barre branch for achieving a five out of five star rating according to Caterpillar’s Contamination Control Initiative.

This initiative sets standards for maintaining a clean shop. To earn five stars, the branch must meet 95 percent of requirements during a rigorous review process carried out by a select team of Caterpillar auditors.

Setting contamination control standards is not a new idea. Caterpillar always has used many of the control methods, and formally began standardizing the contamination control practices in the manufacturing plants 10 years ago. Since then the challenge has been extended to the dealerships and greeted enthusiastically by Cleveland Brothers.

With many of the components of today’s machines consisting of sophisticated hydraulics and precision electronics, a clean working area is essential to provide quality repairs. Contamination control is a direct reflection of the quality of work and attention to detail that Cleveland Brothers mechanics and shop supervisors believe is a necessity to supply quality service.

By having a high-standard, clean service area Cleveland Brothers can assure that contamination is not an issue. Contamination has an adverse effect on the service life of all components. In many cases, findings show that the customers’ hydraulic system is cleaner after repairs are performed than before.

The goals of Caterpillar and Cleveland Brothers by the end of 2004 have been to achieve three stars at all dealer main stores, and have 25 percent of the dealer branch stores with service shops achieve that same three-star level.

Chambers Hills, Milesburg, Manada Hill, Turbotville and Wilkes-Barre all have surpassed the expectations set forth by Caterpillar.

Cleveland Brothers began exceeding the goal of three out of five stars in April 2004, and continues to push the highest standards of contamination control at all of the dealer branches just as these five have by hitting the five star mark.

On top of 2004’s objectives, Cleveland Brothers has already met Caterpillars goals for 2005.