Coble Trench Safety Holds Lunch ’n’ Learn in Charlotte

Fri April 17, 2009 - Southeast Edition

Coble Trench Safety held a Lunch ’n’ Learn at its location in Charlotte on April 7. The Lunch ’n’ Learn included one-hour presentations on trench safety, hands on experience with trench equipment, a catered barbecue lunch, door prizes and a chance for contractors to network with other contractors.

Bub Godsey, safety trainer of Coble Trench Safety, and an accredited instructor, taught customers about confined space safety, entry into potentially hazardous spaces, atmosphere in confined spaces and other trench safety topics.

“We’ve got excellent equipment at Coble, but it’s more than just delivering equipment to customers. We educate them about how to use the equipment safely — and that’s one of the reasons they come here,” Godsey said.

Godsey is one of Coble’s full-time safety instructors, teaching accredited courses that contractors use to fulfill their contact hours for state certifications.

One draw of the Lunch ’n’ Learn is that it gives contractors a chance to talk to one another.

“At a Lunch ’n’ Learn, we always have multiple contractors there. They get into discussions about problems they’re having and they help each other, so it’s good for the industry,” said Godsey.

Overall, Godsey said, it was a very successful event.