ConnDOT Completes I-95 Branford to Rhode Island Study

Wed January 26, 2005 - Northeast Edition

State Transportation Commissioner Steven E. Korta II has announced that the Connecticut Department of Transportation (ConnDOT) has completed the I-95 Branford to Rhode Island Feasibility Study.

This planning study was prepared as part of the Public Act 01-05, Section 16, endorsed and funded by the Transportation Strategy Board, in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration.

This study focused on the ability of the I-95 roadway system, consisting of ramps and mainline sections, key intersections, and the existing transit system, to meet current and future travel demand. The Final Report contains near and long-term improvement recommendations, together with a plan for implementation along the 58-mi. corridor. The estimated cost to construct the near-term improvement recommendations is $45 million.

Examples of near-term improvement recommendations include intersection improvements, minor interchange modifications, signal upgrades, and the construction of a concrete median barrier separation along I-95 from Interchange 70 in Old Lyme to Interchange 75 in East Lyme. Long-term improvements include the recommendation of a third general-purpose travel lane along I-95 in each direction, where two lanes currently exist, and major interchange modifications. The estimated cost to construct the long-term improvement recommendations is $1.6 billion.

The study was carried out for ConnDOT by the consultant firm of Clough Harbour and Associates LLP. The corridor improvement recommendations that emerged from this study have been developed with the oversight and guidance of an advisory committee consisting of representatives of local municipalities, state and federal agencies, and key stakeholders. The final recommendations also reflect public input that was solicited throughout an extensive outreach process.

Additional funding is needed for more detailed environmental evaluation, design and construction of the near-term, as well as the long-term study recommendations.

The Final Report can be viewed on the study Web site The Final Report also is available for viewing in shoreline town libraries and Regional Planning Agencies from Branford to North Stonington.