Construction Crew Chases Thief in Texas

Mon March 27, 2017 - West Edition
Claire Ballor of Dallas News

A thief quickly learned he picked the wrong construction crew after a group of workers chased him down, including one who hopped on the hood of his getaway car.

Home security cameras caught the dramatic moment that's now going viral.

In the video, the driver of a red car stops in front of a house in University Park, Texas for what must have seemed like an easy score.

But after taking what University Park police describe as a $1,200 saw, the driver soon found himself on the run from a group of construction workers.

“Well I was astounded the guy jumped on the hood of the car, but I can understand his, like I said moral outrage,” neighbor Rick Bauchman said.

Bauchman lives nearby and watched the YouTube video that's been seen more than 900,000 times and counting.

The worker who jumped on the suspect's car can still be seen on the hood when the red car comes back into frame with a truck close behind ramming it as they speed through the neighborhood.

“I wish they'd caught him and beat the bejesus out of him,” Bauchman said.

Now that so many people have seen the video, investigators hope the thief won't be able to hide for long.

Investigators said the man on the hood is okay and that no one was hurt in the chase

The suspect is facing a theft of property charge.

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Video of the thief being chased down by the construction crew in Dallas has now gone viral.