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Construction Majors at All-Time High

Tue May 16, 2017 - National Edition

Heavy equipment training programs will see steady growth in the future.
Heavy equipment training programs will see steady growth in the future.

A recent research study released by Graphiq, outlines the number of schools offering construction related-majors.

The majors include:


Heavy Equipment

Earthmoving Equipment Operation

As of March 2017, there are about 65 schools offering these majors. The trend for these programs has risen greatly since the 80's and can be correlated to the addition of various types of technology associated with the operation of heavy equipment now. As things like drones, telematics, 3D, and AI slowly become more available, it is easy to assume that this growth trend will continue exponentially.

With reference to certificate and associate programs, the site goes on to predict a growth of 7.9% for these types of jobs in the future.

Information was sourced by the National Center for Education Services which is a government group that collects and analyzes all data related to education in the U.S.

To view the data sets, click here.

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