Contractor Marks One Year Without Lost-Time Incident

Fri August 29, 2008 - Southeast Edition

Employees at Southern Industrial Constructors and Southern Crane worked one year, totaling nearly 1.3 million hours, without a single lost-time incident.

The companies’ corporate safety department tracks lost-time incidents for each hour its employees work. Southern Industrial/Southern Crane officials attribute their exceptional safety record to high standards and their employees’ commitment to follow best practices at all times.

“At the end of the day, we want employees returning home to their families in the same shape they left — that’s the most important work our business does,” said Earl Johnson III, president of Southern Crane. “I appreciate all the hard work and energy our employees put into doing their jobs well and doing their jobs right.”

As part of its comprehensive workplace safety program, Southern Industrial/Southern Crane enforces strict employee and supervisor training, and conducts frequent site visits and equipment inspections.

Believing accountability to be important, managers post detailed safety records for all employees to see.

All of Southern Crane’s operators are CCO certified.

Because of their exemplary safety records, both Southern Industrial and Southern Crane are recognized as STAR contractors by the N.C. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Division.

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