Council Designates Street ’Czar’ to Oversee Road Projects in Phoenix

Sat July 21, 2007 - West Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

PHOENIX (AP) The street “czar” is coming.

Construction crews who snarl traffic and raise blood pressure among drivers will have to answer to the Phoenix street czar.

The street czar will be in charge of coordinating traffic projects around the city, and will oversee every use of the public right of way, including maintenance, utility work, street widening and special events.

The job pays $160,644.

The position was created after scores of citizens complained about traffic congestion.

The Phoenix City Council recommended approval of the position during a policy session.

The new post is one of several the city is launching in an effort to improve prospects for small businesses along the light rail line.

The council also is expected to discuss whether it’s possible to accelerate construction of the line through downtown Phoenix.

“It shows the city continues to respond quickly and with passion,” Mayor Phil Gordon said.