CP Rock Drills Designed for High Performance

Tue February 21, 2012 - National Edition

Chicago Pneumatic offers a complete line of rock drills for all hand-held drilling projects — from light-duty public works and utilities, to drill-and-blast, quarry drilling and bench mining requirements.

Chicago Pneumatic CP0022, CP0032 and CP0069 rock drills feature a streamlined, ergonomic design and are engineered to deliver more power and consume less air than traditional pneumatic rock drills. Smooth contours, side exhaust vents and a light weight design make them easy to handle, and their high performance, robustness and low maintenance costs make them ideal for all rock drilling projects, according to the manufacturer.

“Our light weight pneumatic rock drills feature several useful innovations, such as a high quality valve and cylinder-porting design engineered to extend the life of the drills, and to maintain consistent drill speeds in even the toughest drilling conditions,” said Olaf Seiffert, Chicago Pneumatic business development manager construction tools. “We’ve designed our rock drills with ergonomics and high performance in mind.”

The CP0022 offers a powerful combination of reduced weight and high performance. Weighing only 33 lb. (15 kg) with a drill rate of .5 ft./min. (150 mm/min), the CP0022 is an ideal general-purpose drill for maintenance and public works.

The flagship of the line, the CP0032 is a top performer in its class. Weighing only 55 lb. (25 kg) with a drill rate of .75 ft./min. (230 mm/min) and 101.7 cfm (48 l/s) air consumption, the CP0032 is ideal for excavation work, blast hole drilling, quarry drilling and bench mining.

The CP0069 is a heavy-duty pneumatic rock drill designed for drilling larger and deeper holes in all ground conditions, and where penetration speed and depth are essential. Weighing 60 lb. (27.5 kg) with a drill rate of .85 ft./min. (26 cm/min) and a maximum depth of 20 ft. (6 m), the CP0069 offers a heavy-duty combination of high drilling speed and performance. The additional weight of this heavy-duty rock drill helps keep the bit at the bottom of the hole during drilling operations, reducing strain on the operator and resulting in a cleaner hole.

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