Crane Rental Corporation Breaks in Manitowoc 18000

Wed March 12, 2008 - Southeast Edition

Crane Rental Corporation has just completed an inaugural lift with its second Manitowoc 18000 crane.

The crane was shipped from the factory directly to a St. Petersburg, Fla., job site in early February. Assembly of the crane was completed within a week and work began the next day.

The primary task for the crane was hoisting a 492,000-lb. (223,000 kg) transformer from Crane Rental’s 12-line Goldhofer hydraulic platform trailer on to its final foundation. A Dehann 14-sheave, 440-ton (399 t) block was reeved with 16-parts of line for the lift. Four TPXC9000 60-ft. (18 m) endless slings were used. The total load was only 70 percent of the crane’s capacity chart.

More lifts are on the way at this job site, including a 685,000-lb. (310,000 kg) steam turbine generator, a 308,000-lb. (140,000 kg) steam turbine and numerous other power plant components.