Cross Pipeline Looks to Moxy Trucks to Increase Earthmoving Capacity

Tue November 08, 2005 - Southeast Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

Faced with moving approximately 200,000 cu. yds. of dirt at a 50-acre subdivision in Grayson, GA, the crew at Cross Pipeline Inc. knew they needed more trucks.

As a result, the firm ended up bringing on two extra Moxy MT31 trucks.

The machines were the first two delivered to a job site from the Lawrenceville, GA-based Stafford Tractor Company since it took on the Moxy line. The contractor had previously purchased two Link-Belt 460 excavators and a Vibromax 605PD compactor from Stafford Tractor.

Cross Pipeline’s equipment fleet consists of six excavators, six off-road trucks, seven dozers, four scrapers, as well as compaction machines and other support equipment.

The Moxy MT31s that Cross Pipeline purchased came equipped with the optional tailgate for maximum capacity. Stafford Tractor Company Equipment Manager Steve Judkins said that it only orders Moxy trucks with the tailgates.

“Moxy trucks have a unique tailgate design, which clears out of the way quickly before the material begins to dump from the bed, thus eliminating the possibility of impeding the flow of the material. This allows for a greater volume of material to be heaped on each of the Moxys.”

Tommy Cross and Jerry Peppers, owners of Cross Pipeline have been impressed with the combination of the Link-Belt 460s and the capacity of their new Moxy MT31s.

“The fuel consumption of the Link-Belts has been a pleasant surprise. The 460, equipped with a 60-inch bucket, has the power and speed to keep the trucks loaded and rolling with no problem. The Moxys with the tailgate option allow us to add one extra bucket of material per load and provides an increase in the speed of the job,” Cross said.

Cross went on to say that, “using trackhoes and trucks on our job sites seems to be working out better for moving material than using scrapers. The trucks keep working through the rainy times, when the scrapers can’t run. Most of the time, our scrapers require a dozer on both ends. The trucks go where we need them, drop the material, and we only need a small dozer to spread the material, and a roller to compact it.”

Following in their fathers’ footsteps, both Jerry Peppers and Tommy Cross have been in the construction business virtually their entire lives. They are proud of their 48 employees and the skills they possess.

“Our operators really enjoy having the skills and the versatility of operating the various machines in our equipment fleet, including our new Moxy trucks,” Cross said. CEG Staff

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