Daewoo Rounds Out XL Line of Skid Steers

Wed September 27, 2000 - Northeast Edition

Daewoo Heavy Industries America Corporation has introduced three new skid steer loaders in its Compact Equipment Division.

The new models bring the total Daewoo skid steer product line to four. The new models include the 1340XL, 1550XL and 2060XL. The model 1760XL was introduced in September 1998.

“These new models will help us round out our line, giving customers more options for a variety of applications,” according to Kim Robinson, vice president, sales and marketing. “Each model is built tough — with standard features that are considered optional for many other brands — including auxiliary hydraulics, worklights, heavy-duty tires, and a rear and top window, just to name a few.”

Features Improve Efficiency

All four of Daewoo’s skid steer loaders come equipped with a number of features that provide benefits to the end user. Some features include:

• Universal attachment system so operators can connect with most attachments available.

• Rugged design with a durable mainframe, heavy-duty boom and reliable components for tough applications.

• Simple, hydrostatic transmission for easy operation.

• Wide stance and low center of gravity for increased stability when climbing hills or working on steep grades.

• Steel ROPS, seat bar and seat belt for operator safety.

• Wide operator’s area and increased visibility out the front, back and sides.

• Rear door for access to the engine and all routine components.

• Tilting operator’s compartment for easy access to the major components.

• Direct injection Daewoo diesel engine for smooth, quiet and reliable operation.

• Variable dumping speeds run fast at low position for productivity and low at high position for safety.

• Vertical lifting for increased reach and dump height.

• Interchangeable service parts between all models for better compatibility and less down time.

Four Models to Fit Any Job

New Daewoo skid steer models include:

• model 1340XL with a 590-kilogram (1,300 lb.) operating load and a 30-kilowatt (40 hp) diesel engine.

• model 1550XL with a 680-kilogram (1,500 lb.) operating load and a 37-kilowatt (50 hp) diesel engine.

• model 2060XL with a 907-kilogram (2,000 lb.) operating load and a 45-kilowatt (60 hp) diesel engine.

In addition, the model 1760XL has a 771-kilogram (1,700-lb.) operating load and a 47-kilowatt (62.4 hp) diesel engine.

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