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Daveytronic III Digital Blasting System Enhances Safety

Sat November 08, 2008 - National Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

Daveytronic III, the third generation of electronic blasting technology from Davey Bickford USA, builds on existing features to increase reliability in the field, while improving upon safety and programming ease. Featuring a new generation detonator, Daveytronic III consists of a new blasting machine with wireless capabilities and software that reduces programming and diagnostic time on the bench, according to the manufacturer.

The new Daveytronic detonator features an electronic integrated delay module encased in a high pressure resistant resin. This design better protects the detonator from the dynamic shock generated by a blast, delivering more reliable results in demanding applications.

In addition to previously existing safety features, the new Daveytronic III includes Davey Bickford’s smart shunt that permanently protects the fuse head until the time it’s fired, eliminating the possibility of unintended initiation for a higher level of operating safety. This digital blasting system retains the same two-capacitor, two-way communication system of previous versions that alerts the blasting technician of missing, faulty or extra detonators, improving blast performance and safety. The system is resistant to extraneous electrical currents and radio frequencies.

The Daveytronic III digital blasting system features an enhanced communication protocol and detonator identification numbers that reduce detonator program time by more than 50 percent and deliver faster firing sequence diagnostics, so technicians spend less time on the bench. Increased detonator program flexibility now offers timing delays ranging from 1 to 14,000 ms, programmable in 1 ms increments. With more than 3 times the delay capabilities of previous versions, Daveytronic III offers versatility for planning large, complicated and intricate blasts.

While delay times have increased, Daveytronic offers inaccuracies of less than 0.25 percent vs. the 5 to 10 percent cap scatter common with pyrotechnics. Up to 1,500 Daveytronics can be incorporated into a single blast design, or up to 3,000 detonators can be included if a second blasting machine is used in a master-slave configuration.

Daveytronic III comes standard with the Daveytronic 2D software, which accelerates the implementation process for even the most complex blast designs. Employing a user-friendly Windows operating system, the new software automatically imports borehole locations onto a computer or enables the technician to manually design a blast pattern and then configure a firing sequence. Its import file converter module gives technicians the ability to import hole coordinates and data files from multiple formats such as CSV and Excel. The new software is compatible with most blasting software and mining AutoCAD programs.

The new Daveytronic III also includes the Daveytronic Wireless Blasting System, which allows blasting technicians to remotely detonate single or multiple shots from up to 1 mi. (1.6 km) away from the pattern, significantly improving safety during the blast and exceeding minimum distance requirements. The wireless system features a communication protocol protected by a Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC), guaranteeing a high level of data integrity.

Through a worldwide distribution network, Davey Bickford USA offers technical support, blasting pattern consultation and program implementation for the Daveytronic Digital Blasting System.

The product line includes the Daveytronic detonator, blasting machine, field programming unit, Wireless Blasting System and new design software.

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