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Looking for asphalt roadbuilding equipment' You've come to the right place! Etnyre has been 'paving the way for customers' success' since 1898. For more than a century, the brand has provided the top-quality service and reliability that its customers deserve.

Etnyre's wide range of new and used roadbuilding products include:

  • Chipspreaders
  • Asphalt Distributors
  • Lowboy Trailers
  • Live Bottoms
  • Crude Oil Transports
  • Flushers/Sprinklers
  • Maintenance Asphalt Distributors
  • Storage Tanks
  • Parts, and more.

  • Etnyre has dealers in convenient locations worldwide to make it easy for you to get the roadbuilding equipment you need when you need it. Whether your project is big or small, Etnyre's experienced team of professionals will work with you at your local dealer to help you find the equipment that will best serve your project's needs.

    A Long History of Industry Innovation

    The Etnyre legacy started with Edward D. Etnyre's automatic hog waterer in 1895. The 36-year-old's invention would lead to manufacturing water stock tanks for horses and cattle. Just a few years later E.D. Etnyre & Co. was created,with manufacturing facilities by the Rock River in Oregon, Ill.

    At the turn of the 20th century, Etnyre tried his hand at building horseless carriages with pneumatic tires, four-speed transmissions and overdrive. Then, in 1910, Etnyre produced his road oiler. This piece of equipment allowed contractors to spread oil, tar or asphalt on roads quickly and evenly.

    After earning a reputation for reliability in World War I, Etnyre became the world's largest Bituminous Distributor manufacturer. As the years went on, Etnyre added the first spray bar with positive pressure circulation, asphalt transport tanks, hydrostatic distributors and more to its product lineup. With each decade, the company continued to make industry breakthroughs, like launching the first microprocessor-based computerized controls on an asphalt distributor, that would help its customers do their jobs even better.The acquisition of Lowboy Trailer in 1989 added another layer to the Etnyre brand, and paved the way for the Blackhawk trailer line, and more. In recent years, the company has honed its equipment with new, updated models, and innovative designs.