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Harlan Palm founded Towmaster Trailers in the early 1970s.

Palm, the owner of Palm Industries, saw a need for a trailer with a low deck height for moving skid steers. He designed two pan style trailers, the first for this market. One was a 5,000-pound capacity trailer andthe other, a 7,000-pound capacity trailer.

Sales grew and Palm developed the Contrail trailer, a belly-dump trailerdesigned to haul asphalt.

Economic Challenges

But in the mid-1970s, many businesses experienced economic challenges stemming from the oil embargo, in part, and Towmaster was no exception as sales slumped and the Contrail had to be discontinued.

By the late 1970s, Harlan Palm had sold Palm Industries and had begunfarming and selling grain bins. But he wasn't done with Towmaster, yet; he was still thinking new trailer ideas.

Among these ideas was to redevelopthe skid-loader pan trailer; Palm added a deck-over tag-a-long trailer to the mix. Marketed under the name of Palm Manufacturing, thesetrailers werebuilt bya subcontracting welding shop. Eventually, however, the trailers would bemanufactured in a large machinery buildingon Palm's farm, where equipment, jigsand steel all came together. Palm began designing and manufacturing skid loader attachments in addition to trailers a few years later.

Rising Sales

Sales grew and with theincreasing number of trailer models and attachments being made, Palmsplit the company into two manufacturing firms. In 1994, he created Palm Attachments and Towmaster Inc., which moved to Litchfield, Minn., into the Palm Industries manufacturing building that was still owned by Harlan Palm.

Palm refurbished and modernized the old Palm Industries plant, while bringing in new manufacturing equipment and continuedthe production of Towmaster trailers. Towmaster would become an employee-owned (ESOP) company in 1998.

Modern Manufacturing

Since then, Towmasterhas significantly improved its facilities. The company added a 64,000-sq.-ft. facility that housesseveral trailer lines, threepaint booths and a finishing area. Here, trailers start as raw steel and end up complete units on the other end.

In 2008, Towmaster expandedwhen it began manufacturing and assemblingtruck bodies and truck equipment. The companydesigns and manufactures the dump bodies and various mounts and hoists, then assembles them onto the bare truck chassis.

Towmaster has its own engineering staff that utilizes the latest in 3D CAD SolidWorks design software with FEA (Finite Element Analysis) tools, which help determine strong and weak points.

Towmaster ships to all 50 states including Alaska and Hawaii, as well as Canada and Mexico, and has even shipped trailers overseas.

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