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2731 Townline Road
Alden, NY 14004

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Google Map of Alden Trucks 2731 Townline Road, Alden, NY, 14004

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  • Alden Trucks

    Alden Trucks LTD has been serving customers in the Western New York State area since 1969. The company has a 50-acre yard that displays its ever-changing new and used inventory. Alden Trucks offers light-duty (up to 13,999 lbs.); medium-duty (14,000 to 26,000 lbs.); and heavy-duty (more than 26,001 lbs.) trucks.

    Available Truck Inventory

    Types of trucks available include:

    • dump trucks
    • crane trucks
    • bucket trucks
    • single and tandem axle tractors
    • flatbed trucks
    • scissor lifts
    • two-wheel drive pickup trucks
    • 4x4 pickup trucks
    • delivery vans
    • busses
    • plow trucks

    Manufacturers of the above truck lines vary, depending upon used inventory.

    Available Trailers

    In addition to trucks, Alden carries new and used medium-and heavy-duty trailers.New trailer inventory fromWinston is available in a 25-tonmodel, a 22.5-tonmodeland a 10-tonmodeltag trailers. Manufacturers of used trailers varies depending upon used inventory.

    Miscellaneous Equipment

    Alden also carries a wide variety of equipment:

    • wood chippers
    • stump grinders
    • trenchers
    • excavators
    • track loaders
    • dozers
    • backhoes
    • skid steers; an
    • paving equipmen

    Manufacturers of the above used equipment varies depending upon inventory.

    Customers can also find various attachments; lawn care and landscaping equipment; sweepers; bailers; rock/core drillers; and tractors at Alden Trucks. As with other items manufacturers will vary depending on inventory. For customers looking for something unique or hard to find, contact customer service at Alden TrucksThe company is located 15 miles east of Buffalo, N.Y. at 2731 Townline Road, Alden, N.Y. 14004. For more information, call 716/684-7475 or visit

    2731 Townline Road
    Alden NY 14004
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    Fax: 716-684-0316

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    Google Map of Alden Trucks 2731 Townline Road, Alden, NY, 14004