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5320 Castle Hwy
Pleasureville KY 40057

John Morse
Ph: 502-878-2802

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Agricultural Equipment1997 Caterpillar CH65D$22,500.00 USDMore →
Air Compressors Grimmer Schmidt 175Call for PriceMore →
Air Compressors Grimmer Schmidt 185DR$6,500.00 USDMore →
Air Compressors1999 Ingersoll Rand P1600WCU$19,500.00 USDMore →
Backhoe Loaders1992 John Deere 310D$13,500.00 USDMore →
Backhoe Loaders1993 Caterpillar 416B$16,500.00 USDMore →
Backhoe Loaders1988 Case 580E$9,500.00 USDMore →
Compact Track Loaders2007 John Deere CT322$23,500.00 USDMore →
Compaction Equipment1980 Caterpillar 815$45,000.00 USDMore →
Compaction Equipment1976 Caterpillar 815$39,500.00 USDMore →
Compaction Equipment2001 Caterpillar CB-634C$22,500.00 USDMore →
Compaction Equipment1993 Ingersoll Rand DD32$10,500.00 USDMore →
Conventional Tractor Trucks2004 Peterbilt 359$45,000.00 USDMore →
Conventional Tractor Trucks1988 Mack R600$16,500.00 USDMore →
Crawler Dozers2006 Case 1850K XLT$79,500.00 USDMore →
Crawler Dozers2006 John Deere 450J$47,500.00 USDMore →
Crawler Dozers2005 John Deere 450J$25,000.00 USDMore →
Crawler Dozers1998 John Deere 650G$39,500.00 USDMore →
Crawler Dozers1988 John Deere 650G$35,000.00 USDMore →
Crawler Dozers2013 John Deere 750K$110,000.00 USDMore →
Crawler Dozers2012 John Deere 850K$89,500.00 USDMore →
Crawler Dozers1994 Caterpillar D11N$49,500.00 USDMore →
Crawler Dozers1998 Komatsu D32E-1$28,500.00 USDMore →
Crawler Dozers1993 Caterpillar D3C LGP$22,500.00 USDMore →
Crawler Dozers1999 Caterpillar D3C LGP$22,500.00 USDMore →
Crawler Dozers2007 Caterpillar D3G LGP$32,500.00 USDMore →
Crawler Dozers Caterpillar D3G LGP$32,500.00 USDMore →
Crawler Dozers2002 Caterpillar D3G XL$35,000.00 USDMore →
Crawler Dozers2008 Caterpillar D3K LGP$49,500.00 USDMore →
Crawler Dozers1985 Caterpillar D4E$14,500.00 USDMore →

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