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419 West Judy Drive
Fremont, NE 68025

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  • In the mid-1970s, Del Peterson founded Del Peterson & Associates, an auction company in Fremont, Neb.In the beginning,the company focused itsefforts on holding professional,onsite auctions in the fertilizer and grain industries. Now, the company is an industry leader in its online auctions, allowing itscustomersto bid and purchase from the comfort of their home, office or even job site.Following Del Peterson's death in 2016, his son, Steve Peterson, took over asthe president/CEO of the business.

    Del Peterson & Associates Auctions

    Del Peterson & Associates Auctioneers does its best to make the online auction experience the best possible for its customers. Its public online auction service is used to match buyers and sellers who want to liquidate and expand their business.

    How to Bid in a Del Peterson & Associates Auction

    After creating a free account at Del Peterson, customers are able to register for an auction and start the bidding process. Placing a maximum bid allows the system to automatically increase bids until the bidder reaches a specified amount or the bidder win the item —whichever comes first.If an item in a Del Peterson auction has a reserve price, that amount must be met in order for the item to sell. Once the reserveprice is met, bids will count until the item is sold.

    Peterson Auction Experience

    Del Peterson & Associates combinesthe auction experience witht he convenience of selling and bidding online. There is alive auction board that makes it feel like the customer is on site. A dynamic clock and bidding extension time combined with the comfort and convenience of bidding online add to the customer's experience.

    Del Peterson & Associates Marketing

    Del Peterson's auction service has a multi-faceted national marketing program aimed at attracting clients across the United States. The team of professionals is at Del Peterson & Associates is hard-working, honest and reliable.

    Del Peterson has an experienced sales staff on hand to provide customers with additional marketing support through its website, sale bills and advertising in respected regional and national publications, such as Construction Equipment Guide.

    419 West Judy Drive
    Fremont NE 68025
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    Fax: 402-721-4583

    ☎ Click for Phone Number
    Google Map of Del Peterson & Assoc. 419 West Judy Drive, Fremont, NE, 68025