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12800 Northwest Fwy
Houston TX 77040
Ph: 800-256-1001
Ph: 713-460-2000

Jan Oswalt
Ph: 800-256-1001
Ph: 713-460-2000

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Authorized dealer for

  • Caterpillar
  • Hydrema
  • NorAm
  • Towmaster
  • Virnig

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    Asphalt / Concrete / Paving2015 Caterpillar CB64Call for PriceMore →
    Backhoe Loaders2014 Caterpillar 416F$62,000.00 More →
    Backhoe Loaders2014 Caterpillar 420F IT$78,000.00 More →
    Compact Track Loaders2014 Caterpillar 259D$43,000.00 USDMore →
    Compact Track Loaders2014 Caterpillar 259D$35,000.00 USDMore →
    Compact Track Loaders2015 Caterpillar 279D$45,000.00 USDMore →
    Compact Track Loaders2014 Caterpillar 289D$48,000.00 USDMore →
    Compact Track Loaders2015 Caterpillar 299D II$89,000.00 USDMore →
    Compact Track Loaders2015 Caterpillar 299D IICall for PriceMore →
    Compact Track Loaders2015 Caterpillar 299DXHP$83,000.00 USDMore →
    Crawler Dozers2010 Caterpillar D5K LGP$80,000.00 USDMore →
    Crawler Dozers2015 Caterpillar D6N$250,000.00 USDMore →
    Crawler Dozers2016 Caterpillar D6N$247,000.00 USDMore →
    Crawler Dozers2014 Caterpillar D6N$223,000.00 USDMore →
    Crawler Dozers2015 Caterpillar D6N$184,000.00 USDMore →
    Crawler Dozers2014 Caterpillar D6N$180,000.00 USDMore →
    Crawler Dozers2014 Caterpillar D6N XL$206,000.00 USDMore →
    Crawler Dozers2015 Caterpillar D6T$350,000.00 USDMore →
    Crawler Dozers2014 Caterpillar D6T$350,000.00 USDMore →
    Crawler Dozers2012 Caterpillar D6T$250,000.00 USDMore →
    Crawler Dozers2013 Caterpillar D6T$250,000.00 USDMore →
    Crawler Dozers2012 Caterpillar D6T$250,000.00 USDMore →
    Crawler Dozers2013 Caterpillar D6T$234,000.00 USDMore →
    Crawler Dozers2014 Caterpillar D6T$217,000.00 USDMore →
    Crawler Dozers2012 Caterpillar D6T$195,000.00 USDMore →
    Excavators2014 Caterpillar 308E CR SB$80,000.00 USDMore →
    Excavators2013 Caterpillar 320E LRR$95,000.00 More →
    Excavators2014 Caterpillar 320EL$188,000.00 USDMore →
    Excavators2012 Caterpillar 320EL$184,000.00 USDMore →
    Excavators2014 Caterpillar 320EL$178,000.00 USDMore →

    Mustang Cat

    When it comes to satisfying customers, one word stands out among all the rest – Experience. Mustang Cat believes that experiences is the difference when customers want the most efficient and reliable equipment available to do the job right, and with an over six decade relationship with Caterpillar, Mustang Cat believes it has experience to spare.

    Based in Texas where everything is big, Mustang Cat serves 35 counties through Southeast Texas and offers an incredibly comprehensive array of equipment to cover a wide variety of industry needs.

    No matter what the customer needs, Mustang Cat’s team of industry experts can not only provide the right equipment, but they can also offer the knowledge on the most efficient way possible to use it.

    Mustang Cat on Construction Equipment Guide
    The Web site for Construction Equipment Guide lists hundreds of pieces of Mustang Cat used equipment. Our holdings offer detailed information on each piece, including Hours, Make/Model, and Serial/Stock numbers. In addition, the CEG database contains thousands of photos of Mustang Cat’s used equipment.

    Primarily representing Caterpillar, Mustang Cat’s used equipment includes backhoe loaders, crawler dozers, and excavators to list a few.

    The Construction Equipment Guide Web site offers a convenient and fast way to look up the most detailed information on used equipment. In addition, CEG is unique in that in addition to offering a large used equipment database, it also offers the latest news on the industry. CEG readers have come to trust the publication as a relied upon source for industry trends that affect them directly.

    Dealer Information at a Glance
    CEG also provides easy access to specific dealer information, allowing readers to immediately contact dealers like Mustang Cat with any questions they may have in a variety of means.

    Check Out Mustang Cat Inventory
    This page is your gateway to get the latest information on Mustang Cat’s used equipment, as well as any news articles about the company.