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NC Machinery
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17025 West Valley Hwy
Tukwila WA 98188
Ph: 800-562-4735

Bill Gibbs
Ph: 800-562-4735

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Authorized dealer for

  • Caterpillar
  • NorAm
  • Virnig

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    Asphalt / Concrete / Paving2015 Caterpillar AP1055F$328,200.00 USDMore →
    Asphalt / Concrete / Paving2013 Caterpillar CB24$24,900.00 USDMore →
    Asphalt / Concrete / Paving2014 Caterpillar CB44B$81,500.00 USDMore →
    Asphalt / Concrete / Paving2015 Caterpillar CP56B$152,600.00 USDMore →
    Asphalt / Concrete / Paving2011 Caterpillar CS76$159,200.00 USDMore →
    Asphalt / Concrete / Paving2012 Caterpillar CS78B$179,500.00 USDMore →
    Asphalt / Concrete / Paving2015 Caterpillar P385A$138,900.00 USDMore →
    Backhoe Loaders1990 Caterpillar 416 II$10,000.00 USDMore →
    Backhoe Loaders2011 Caterpillar 420E$71,900.00 USDMore →
    Backhoe Loaders2008 Caterpillar 420E$58,000.00 USDMore →
    Backhoe Loaders2015 Caterpillar 420F$111,150.00 USDMore →
    Backhoe Loaders2015 Caterpillar 420F$102,000.00 USDMore →
    Backhoe Loaders2016 Caterpillar 420F$90,700.00 USDMore →
    Backhoe Loaders2013 Caterpillar 420F IT$103,200.00 USDMore →
    Backhoe Loaders2013 Caterpillar 420F IT$95,000.00 USDMore →
    Backhoe Loaders2014 Caterpillar 420F IT$90,000.00 USDMore →
    Compact Track Loaders2017 Caterpillar 289D H2CB$65,000.00 USDMore →
    Compact Track Loaders2012 Caterpillar 299D$125,800.00 USDMore →
    Compact Track Loaders2001 Bobcat T250$17,900.00 USDMore →
    Crawler Dozers2006 Caterpillar D10T$849,000.00 USDMore →
    Crawler Dozers2008 Caterpillar D3K XL$131,400.00 USDMore →
    Crawler Dozers2006 Caterpillar D5G XL$79,000.00 USDMore →
    Crawler Dozers2006 Caterpillar D5G XL$62,500.00 USDMore →
    Crawler Dozers2014 Caterpillar D5K LGP II$126,000.00 USDMore →
    Crawler Dozers2006 Caterpillar D5N$336,000.00 USDMore →
    Crawler Dozers1983 Caterpillar D6D$36,000.00 USDMore →
    Crawler Dozers2008 Caterpillar D6K$117,600.00 USDMore →
    Crawler Dozers2012 Caterpillar D6N XL$260,000.00 USDMore →
    Crawler Dozers2005 Caterpillar D6N XL$116,300.00 USDMore →
    Crawler Dozers2006 Caterpillar D6N XL$112,600.00 USDMore →