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Purple Wave, Inc.

Equipment, Locations, Stories, and Contact Information

825 Levee Drive
Manhattan KS 66502
Ph: 866-608-9283
Ph: 785-537-7653
Fax: 866-604-2264

Ph: 866-608-9283
Ph: 785-537-7653
Google Map of Purple Wave, Inc. 825 Levee Drive, Manhattan, KS, 66502

Upcoming Purple Wave, Inc. Auctions

  • Oct 25, 2018 - Online
  • Oct 30, 2018 - Online
  • Oct 31, 2018 - Online
  • Nov 01, 2018 - Online
  • Nov 08, 2018 - Online

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    Aerial Lifts1996 JLG 60HAuction PricingMore →
    Aerial Lifts Snorkel A60RAuction PricingMore →
    Aerial Lifts Snorkel A80RAuction PricingMore →
    Aerial Lifts Snorkel TB66JAuction PricingMore →
    Aerial Lifts1998 Niftylift TM34HGEAuction PricingMore →
    Aggregate Equipment ROSS X2000Auction PricingMore →
    Agricultural Equipment John Deere 1020Auction PricingMore →
    Agricultural Equipment1973 International 1066Auction PricingMore →
    Agricultural Equipment Oliver 1600Auction PricingMore →
    Agricultural Equipment1973 Massey Ferguson 165Auction PricingMore →
    Agricultural Equipment1990 Case IH 1660Auction PricingMore →
    Agricultural Equipment2010 Case IH 2020Auction PricingMore →
    Agricultural Equipment2008 Case IH 2020Auction PricingMore →
    Agricultural Equipment John Deere 2030Auction PricingMore →
    Agricultural Equipment John Deere 2032RAuction PricingMore →
    Agricultural Equipment2005 Case IH 2208Auction PricingMore →
    Agricultural Equipment1986 John Deere 2950Auction PricingMore →
    Agricultural Equipment2000 Massey Ferguson 4263Auction PricingMore →
    Agricultural Equipment2013 John Deere 4520Auction PricingMore →
    Agricultural Equipment2002 John Deere 4610Auction PricingMore →
    Agricultural Equipment1981 John Deere 4640Auction PricingMore →
    Agricultural Equipment1982 Massey Ferguson 4840Auction PricingMore →
    Agricultural Equipment1978 John Deere 4840Auction PricingMore →
    Agricultural Equipment1990 John Deere 4955Auction PricingMore →
    Agricultural Equipment Allis Chalmers 5020Auction PricingMore →
    Agricultural Equipment1999 John Deere 5310Auction PricingMore →
    Agricultural Equipment1995 John Deere 6300Auction PricingMore →
    Agricultural Equipment2004 John Deere 6320Auction PricingMore →
    Agricultural Equipment2002 John Deere 6420Auction PricingMore →
    Agricultural Equipment RO 6500Auction PricingMore →

    Purple Wave specializes in the sale of agriculture, construction, industrial and government equipment through no-reserve, public Internet auctions — providing the easiest and most straightforward way to buy and sell used equipment.



    • large buying community
    • we qualify bidders


    • multiple auctions each week
    • our auction dates fit your schedule
    • 3 week bidding time maximizes exposure


    • our team comes to you
    • we handle all pre-auction listing and photos
    • we handle payments and titles


    • sell as is, where is
    • no transportation cost
    • no prep cost



    • bidding on items
    • utilize watchlist
    • email/text notifications


    • detailed item listings
    • by auction or by item
    • past item results

    BID & WIN

    • detailed listings allow you to bid with confidence
    • anytime, anywhere - 24/7
    • set it and forget it with max bid


    • Purple Wave handles all payments
    • invoice and title work processed
    • contact seller to make pickup arrangements

    Purple Wave Inc. is an internet auction company that conducts no-reserve, public auctions of heavy equipment. This facilitates the quick, efficient liquidation of items.Purple Wave mixes traditional auction with the convenience of buying and selling online. Another benefit to the Purple Wave approach is equipment can stay at the seller?s location, saving everyone time and money.

    Purple Wave Location

    The company is located at: 825 Levee DriveManhattan, Kan. 66502You can contact Purple Wave at1-866-608-9283or visit to find the contact for your area. Representatives of Purple Wave are located throughout the mid-western United States and are ready to assist you in your liquidation of equipment and vehicles.

    Ways Purple Wave Has Expanded

    More than 80 employees with backgrounds in agriculture, construction, government, banking, auction management and more make up the Purple Wave team. This has allowed the company to expandby providing trustworthy auctions; building its bidding community through trust; and making the buying and selling process easy through the useof technology.To read more about the Purple Wave experience, visit

    How Does a Purple Wave Online Auction Work?

    Purple Wave provides the sellers contact information, so buyers are able to get in touch to ask questions or even possibly inspect the item before auction time. When it is auction time, bidders place their bids in real time, allowing them to know whether their bid for an item was successful immediately.Items are sold as is, where is, which keeps transportation costs down. If you have an item to sell, contact Purple Wave and a trained representativewill visit you at your location, take photos, gather detailed information, list the item for sale and market the item up for bid. Once you register for a Purple Wave Online auction, you are able to access and monitor the watchlist and will receive email or text notifications. You can bid anytime, anywhere 24/7.

    How to Pay at a Purple Wave Online Auction

    All payments are conducted through Purple Wave, including invoices and title paperwork. If you are the winning bidder, you will be responsible for transportation costs to retrieve the item from the seller. Check back with Construction Equipment Guide for the latest information on Purple Wave Auctions.

    825 Levee Drive
    Manhattan KS 66502
    Ph: 866-608-9283
    Ph: 785-537-7653
    Fax: 866-604-2264

    Ph: 866-608-9283
    Ph: 785-537-7653
    Google Map of Purple Wave, Inc. 825 Levee Drive, Manhattan, KS, 66502