Dealer Donates Bobcat Workmate to Aid Association

Fri September 12, 2003 - Northeast Edition

The Horsham Hawks of Horsham, PA, recently had their wings clipped. In spite of a tremendous setback, they remain undaunted.

The Horsham Athletic Association, better known as the Horsham Hawks, are facing a bleak future because funds needed for the new football season had been embezzled. A budget of more than $120,000 is needed to maintain its four and a half football fields.

The lack of funds also has put on hold plans to build a maintenance building/announcement tower on the fields located at Lower State Road.

Although the loss has been significant, one company to come to its aid was Delaware Valley Bobcat LLC. Delaware Valley Bobcat, with help from the Bobcat Company, presented the association with a new Bobcat Workmate.

“The Workmate will be used to carry the paint to line the fields, clean up trash and general maintenance,” said Chris Naughton, equipment manager.

Another company, C&C Ford, a local dealership, has donated a 2003 car to be raffled with all proceeds going to the association.

The Horsham Athletic Association is going through a difficult time but with fund-raisers and donations of time, materials and money it will stay aloft, providing a quality program for area youngsters.

For more information, call 215/643-9046.