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Deere J-Series Boasts All-New Powertrain Components

Tue July 03, 2007 - National Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

With many of the advantages of their predecessors, the new John Deere J-Series backhoe loaders — the 310J, 310SJ, 410J and 710J — provide all-new power train components and numerous structural and electrical enhancements. The 310SJ and 410J also offer a total machine control (TMC) option.

“With the J-Series, we’ve built on the strengths of our G-Series backhoes while providing many enhancements that deliver a substantial increase in the amount of work an operator can do with the machine in a day,” said Bob Tyler, product marketing manager, John Deere Construction & Forestry Company. “The J-Series offers a wide range of best-in-class features that result in the toughest and most productive backhoe loaders on the market.”

New Power Train

The J-Series backhoes also feature all new ZF power train components including the transmission, front and rear axle. All models provide standard powershift transmission for fast, smooth, on-the-fly, clutch-free gear shifts, and TMC machines benefit from improved road speed and hill-climbing ability. Multi-plate clutch engagement allows for on-the-fly mechanical front wheel drive (MFWD) engagement coupled with the limited-slip differential, the J-Series backhoe MFWD provides increased tractive effort.

A completely redesigned outboard planetary rear axle features improved lubrication and larger differential components; cruise control allows operators to road the machine using the dial throttle, with engine RPM returning to idle with a tap of the brake pedal. Radial tires — now a factory option on J-Series backhoe loaders — offer improved fuel efficiency, performance and tire life.

Electrical, Cooling System Enhancements

The electrical system on the J-Series backhoes also features several new enhancements. A multi-language digital monitor provides best-in-class on-board diagnostics, and solid state electronics minimize relays and help improve electrical reliability. TMC and tool carrier machines use a sealed-switch module (SSM) that reduces the number of rocker switches and is conveniently mounted in the right side console for easy operator access. An anti-theft system option protects the machine against theft and unauthorized operation.

The J-Series includes a new, single radiator cooling system with numerous improvements over older models. Low temperature circuit (LTC), oil-to-water coolers for the transmission and hydraulic oil circuits help warm oil faster and minimize cleaning time due to fewer conventionally stacked radiators. Lower fan speed helps save fuel and minimize fan noise, making the environment more comfortable for the operator.

Structural Improvements

Several structural areas on the J-Series backhoes have been updated to improve productivity and uptime. The extended grille frame is standard on all J-Series backhoes, and the tilt hood constructed of high strength composite material opens wider for easier engine access. Replaceable, bolt-on rubber bumpers are optional for severe loading applications. A new MFWD drive shaft guard now is available on J-Series backhoes. A sound package option includes a full coverage belly pan, a packed exhaust stack, and sound-deadening material under the hood to further improve the environment for the operator. And, eight fewer grease fittings minimize time spent servicing the machine, while synthetic bushings/wear pads replace fittings in the loader linkage and extendable dipstick.

A new top-hook, single pin backhoe coupler allows for fast attachment changes, improving the versatility of the J-Series backhoes. The integrated design of the coupler allows for a negligible effect on bucket breakout forces (less than 5 percent), according to the manufacturer.

Total Machine Control

Key among the J-Series enhancements is the new total machine control (TMC) option available on the 310SJ and 410J models. The TMC control system provides the best features of an excavator and a 4WD loader built into one machine.

“TMC integrates control of every system in the machine, from engine to transmission and hydraulic functions to brakes, delivering precise control of the backhoe in all operating conditions for faster cycle times and best-in-class comfort,” Tyler said.

TMC includes several enhancements to the backhoe controls to deliver greater convenience and productivity. Armrest-mounted joystick controls eliminate the pilot towers, providing improved comfort, more leg room, and reduced heat from pilot operated hydraulic oil in the cab. Three speed modes for backhoe hydraulics — craning mode, normal mode and high production mode — improve cycle times up to 20 percent over the previous machines.

Four-wheel-drive, extendable dipstick, and front/rear auxiliary hydraulics are some of the functions found on the two main joysticks. Stabilizer controls are mounted in the seat armrests. TMC delivers precise control of the backhoe in all operating conditions.

“These features simplify the system by eliminating foot pedals and extra levers,” Tyler said.

With the new TMC armrest-mounted controls, the backhoe can be operated with the seat rotated up to 90 degrees from the rear facing position, resulting in greater operator comfort for operations to the side of the machine, such as truck loading or ditch cleaning. A fuel-saving, auto-idle feature returns engine speed to idle when the joysticks are not operated for a set time during backhoe work. Integral controlled load lowering and regenerative hydraulic functions improve work tool precision, safety and fuel efficiency. An exclusive mini-joystick provides simultaneous loader and backhoe operation, eliminating the need to reach for controls.

Additionally, a tool carrier option for the loader end will be available for the 310SJ and 410J with the TMC option. This purpose-built tool carrier delivers visibility and fast loader attachment changes with the Worksite Pro loader coupler, as well as parallel-lift for fork work and versatility and visibility at the front attachment. Exclusive electronic parallel lift, return-to-carry and boom height kickout features increase productivity for a variety of available attachments. Additionally, it features a simple, easy to maintain backhoe tool carrier loader, having eliminated both the Z-bar linkage and the self-leveling rod. Fewer grease zerks and fewer bushings mean less maintenance and less wear.

“With all of the enhancements that have been made to these backhoes, particularly the precise control delivered by the total machine control option on the 310SJ and 410J, the J-Series has established its place as the most versatile and productive machines on the market,” Tyler said.

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