Delaware Contractors Assoc. Names Scholarship Recipients

Fri August 14, 2009 - Northeast Edition

The DCA Scholarship Committee, chaired by Stephen M. Mockbee, president of Bancroft Construction Company, announced the recipients of the 2009 DCA Scholarships, as follows:

• Philip Dale Brackin, son of Dale Brackin of Godwin Pumps, who is a student at Delaware Technical and Community College;

• Zoe F. Cloonan, daughter of Jim Cloonan of Duffield Associates and Alexine Cloonan of Homsey Architects, plans to attend Northeastern University;

• Peter F. Erony, son of Peter Erony of Mumford & Miller Concrete, will attend the University of Delaware;

• Philip F. Fluhr VIII, whose stepfather, Dan Irwin, works for Drywall Associates, will attend Delaware Technical and Community College;

• Andrew Marenco, son of Carl Marenco of Marenco Constructors, is currently attending Penn State University;

• John S. Reynolds, son of Karen Reynolds of Greggo & Ferrara, is planning to attend the Williamson Free School of Mechanical Trades;

• Jennalee Christin Rufft, daughter of Joanne Rufft of Artesian Water and Jerome Rufft of Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, is a student at the University of Delaware;

• Thomas C. Silicato, who works for Corrado Construction, attends Delaware Technical and Community College; and

• David Twardowski, who works for I.D. Griffith, is a student at Delaware Technical and Community College.

DCA Scholarships are open to all individuals who work for a DCA member, or whose parent(s) works for a DCA member.