Demag Ready to Go With 5-Axle Cranes

Tue March 28, 2017 - National Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

Demag 5-Axle AC 130 crane
Demag 5-Axle AC 130 crane
Demag 5-Axle AC 130 crane Demag 5-Axle AC 160 crane Demag 5-Axle AC 220 crane Demag 5-Axle AC 250 crane

Demag, a Terex brand, announces a line of 5-axle cranes. Built with innovative technology and a passion for effective and profitable crane deployments.

Shorter, Higher, More Versatile

Demag 5-axle cranes offer a great range of advantages. With their long booms and compact designs they provide low total cost of ownership. Also, a lifting capacity that ranges from 130 to 250 tons.

High Performance

• Lift capacity based on slewing angle (IC-1Plus)

• Asymmetrical outrigger base

• Ready to lift in no time

Short and Agile

A whole new world of possibilities - especially for narrow access roads and tight spaces.

The Demag 5-axle cranes are the most compact of their class. That means you can access a greater range of sites and accept more contracts in this class.

The operator can maneuver precisely and therefore safely on-site: all-wheel steering as standard means great steerability.

•Standard drive: 10 x 6 x 10

•Optional drive: 10 x 8 x 10

Less is More

You save on counterweight transport:

•Lifting capacity calculation based on slewing angles reduces counterweight requirements for many lifting situations as compared to pre-calculated 360° lifting capacities.

Demag 5-axle cranes offer strong lifting capacities with reduced counterweight right from the start. And that saves transport costs.

Number of trailers required to reach the site fully equipped (depending on trailer):

•One trailer max. for AC 130-5 and AC 160-5

•Two trailers max. for AC 220-5 and AC 250-5

Road mobility: Clean Axle Loads

Travel safely on the road and stay within the permissible parameters. Axle load and axle spacing can be adapted to nearly every market in the world. The axle load display on the board computer informs the crane operator about actual axle loads.

Efficient Family Concept

• Hoist 2 is identical for all 5-axle cranes

• Identical rigging frame for attaching hoist 2

• Main boom extension (HAV)

• Interchangeable components

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