Demand for Industrial Hoses Rise with Global Construction Growth

Industrial hoses are heavily used in the evolving metals and mining industry, and the demand for these hoses is growing as more mining projects and operations commence.

Fri April 28, 2017 - National Edition
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The global market for industrial hoses is growing due to the development of new projects, the growth of the global construction industry, and reduced prices for materials involved in the production of hoses such as rubber and plastic resins. Industrial hoses are heavily used in the evolving metals and mining industry, and the demand for these hoses is growing as more mining projects and operations commence.

Infiniti Research has recently completed a comprehensive assessment of the industrial hose market for a leading manufacturer of industrial rubber and plastic products. The purpose of this study was to help the client understand the major factors influencing market growth, and to develop a comprehensive outline of how growth and demand differ across various geographical regions.

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Market Developments

Nautilus Minerals is set to start operations at their Solwara 1 project in 2019. The project, which is located off the coast of Papua New Guinea, will focus on the underwater mining of gold, silver, and copper. Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Nautilus Minerals is the first company to explore the seafloor on a commercial basis for sulfide systems. This new project will require the extensive use of industrial hoses to collect and extract minerals and debris from the seafloor. As more projects like this—as well as land-based mining and construction projects—are established and their operations begin, the industrial hoses market will experience increased growth and demand.

Market Opportunities

As the metals and mining industry continues to evolve and the underwater mining of certain minerals and metals is explored more extensively, the demand for industrial hoses will grow in certain industries and regions. Market intelligence is essential for forecasting demand across the globe, identifying key competitors, and anticipating market trends and challenges.

In their latest assessment of the global industrial hose market, Infiniti Research's market intelligence analysts were tasked with developing and providing an in-depth analysis of the market landscape, industry and technological trends, key competitors, and product developments to help the client better understand the market's growth prospects. They also helped the client identify key factors influencing growth across different regions. In just a few weeks, the client gained numerous benefits from Infiniti's findings, and gained a thorough understanding of key growth factors across target regions, recent industry trends and challenges, and the growth potential for the market as a whole.

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