Demolition Spree Spurs Surge at EMF’s Scrap Facility

Fri June 29, 2007 - Northeast Edition

Good things come in bunches.

James Rose and John Toth founded EMF Development Corporation as a joint venture to purchase and demolish the former Bethlehem Steel’s Johnstown steel making facility.

The Johnstown, Pa.-based company’s work there inspired city officials to ask them to raze another large facility in town. The new demolition project, which covered 80 acres, presented EMF with very heavy demolition and high tonnage yields of valuable scrap metals.

The influx of materials led EMF, which was already in the scrap recycling business, to broaden its capabilities at its facility in Franklin, Pa., to accept materials from other areas of western Pennsylvania.

Pat Oldager is the site superintendent of EMF’s crushing division. When it was time to begin recycling concrete at both the company’s facility in Franklin and at the Johnstown job, Oldager, along with Rose and Toth, turned to Emerald Equipment Systems and its Account Manager Keith Kimmerle to determine which of the BL Pegson crusher lines would be best for recycling concrete at both locations.

Kimmerle recommended the BL Pegson 26x44 HA (hydraulic adjust) concrete crusher. Due to the steel, mesh and wire, which has been intertwined with the concrete, Kimmerle also suggested that a crew member should sort out the steel from the concrete to further enhance an already highly productive operation.

It’s been a success. Since purchasing the BL Pegson, EMF has produced a more sizeable product, which has yielded more tons, without jam-ups. For Oldager this was not the first experience with this type of crusher or BL Pegson. Many years ago, he recalled success using a Brown Lenox crusher. Later, Brown Lenox would merge with the Pegson Group, forming BL Pegson.

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