Ditch Witch Gives FL Workers Fresh Drilling Directions

Wed July 07, 2004 - Southeast Edition

Ditch Witch of Central & South Florida recently hosted a series of half-day HDD training workshops featuring directional drilling. Ditch Witch designed the sessions to educate directional drillers on all aspects of the job.

During the training, Jim Mabrey, field sales and service representative of Barold Drilling Fluids, delivered an extensive lecture and demonstration on the use of mud. His presentation covered the types of soils encountered around the state and the various products and application techniques necessary to complete a job successfully. He also presented a unique trouble shooting method for directional drillers called “The Square.”

His presentation was followed by Mike Sullins, senior product support representative of The Charles Machine Works, manufacturers of the Ditch Witch line of products. Sullins discussed the various aspects of planning the job, use of the directional boring machines and maintenance of the equipment.

The Ditch Witch schools were held in Tampa, Leesburg and Ft. Lauderdale. The schools are held on a regular basis to help educate directional drillers on the best practices available.

Kent Stevenson is general manager of Ditch Witch of Central & South Florida, which represents the Ditch Witch line of trenchers, vibratory plows, directional drilling machines, mini-excavators, subsite electronics, trailers, vacuum excavation equipment and the new XT850 excavator-tool carrier all-in-one unit.

For more information, call 352/638-9126.