Ditch Witch of Oklahoma Showcases New Trenchers

Sat January 26, 2008 - West Edition

Representatives of Ditch Witch of Oklahoma participated in an open house at the new Great Plains Rental store in Ardmore, Okla., Nov. 15. Approximately 300 customers who attended the event got their first look at the Zahn, the Ditch Witch organization’s new trencher concept.

“[The customers and rental companies] were really excited about the Zahn,” said Grant Goley, manager of the Ditch Witch of Oklahoma branch in Edmond, Okla. “They like the maneuverability, the fact that they can have a backfill blade on it, and the fact that it is something really new and different.”

The Zahn is a series of rubber-tired, articulated compact machines: the R150, R230 and R300. Each consists of a power unit — 15-, 23- or 30-hp, respectively (11, 17 or 22 kW) — that includes the engine, operator’s console, and the articulation joint. The 23- and 30-hp units also have an InterChange connection that accepts up to seven types of front ends: trencher, plow, dumper, tiller, backhoe, stump grinder and a tool carrier that can drive more than 40 compact utility attachments.

The Zahn’s fully hydraulic, articulated steering provides unmatched maneuverability, enabling the operator to easily trench a curve. The Zahn also features an elevated platform that provides an unobstructed view of the work in progress.

For more information, call 800/654-6481 or visit www.ditchwitch.com.