Dodd Uses Power Curber 5700-C for Competitive Edge

Fri December 07, 2007 - Southeast Edition
Ryan Swindell

You could say Ben Martin knows all there is to know about the curb and gutter business. He started working with concrete 13 years ago, beginning “with a shovel” as he puts it, and climbing his way to superintendent of Dodd Construction.

Today, Ben is very impressed with the innovative Power Curber machines, especially the newest model, the 5700-C.

Dodd Construction is a multi-faceted company based out of Murfreesboro, Tenn. The company specializes in curb and gutter, sidewalks, retaining walls, and other concrete applications. Dodd was also the first company in town to buy a 5700-C.

“Before we got the C, we had a 5700-B,” Martin said. “We had to watch enviously while everyone around us had the SUPER-B. Now, we’ve got the 5700-C, and everybody else wants one.”

Dodd Construction recently slipformed 10,000 ft. (3,048 m) of curb and gutter at the new Liberty Station subdivision located a few miles north of Murfreesboro in Walter Hill. The 5700-C makes this task an easy one.

“I love this machine,” Martin said. “It will really run. The curb is as straight as if it were shot out of a gun.”

Ben has seen and operated his fair share of curbing machines. He praises the 5700-C for its competitive edge.

“I’ve run a multitude of competitive machines,” Martin said. “But the 5700-C is the best I’ve seen. Even more, the C-model holds 50 percent more water than the 5700-B, and we only have to fill it up with fuel once at the beginning of each day. It’s an amazing machine.”

This article was reprinted with permission from Power Curbers Inc.