Doka's Frami Wall Formwork System is Even More Convenient to Use

Thu April 16, 2020 - National Edition

Doka is offering a new panel size to the Frami lightweight, steel-framed formwork systems.

For fast and economical forming, with or without a crane, Frami's new panel size – large 8 by 9 ft. – allows for building and cycling large gangs with small crane capacity, according to the manufacturer.

The formwork is crane-set where possible and handset with traditional Frami panels for add-on areas. The 8 by 9-ft. panel has minimal hardware, requiring less labor than smaller panels. Despite its larger size it still has all the durability, safety and flexibility found in other components in the Frami family.

For forming large areas on crane-assisted projects, Framax, a high-performing steel-framed formwork offers extra-large panel sizes.

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