Dredging Contracts Awarded for Channels in Monmouth, Atlantic Counties

Mon September 22, 2014 - Northeast Edition

The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) announced the awarding of contracts for dredging in the Waackaack Creek and Thorns Creek Channels in Keansburg, Monmouth County and St. Georges Thorofare in Brigantine, Atlantic County.

The $1.2 million state-funded Waackaack and Thorns Creeks Channels navigation maintenance project in Keansburg will remove approximately 31,500 cu. yds. (24,083 cu m) of sediment. NJDOT’s contractor, Tri-State Dredging Inc., is expected to begin work this summer on an adjacent Confined Disposal Facility (CDF) with dredging anticipated to start shortly thereafter.

The $603,000 state-funded St. Georges Thorofare project in Brigantine will remove approximately 40,500 cu. yds. (30,964 cu m) of sediment, which will be used for beach replenishment. NJDOT’s contractor, Mobile Dredging & Pumping Co., is expected to begin work after Labor Day. This channel provides access to one of the state’s important safe harbors in which vessels can seek shelter during a storm.

Typically the state would not dredge in the summer, but the department has an aggressive schedule to maximize efforts during periods of favorable dredging conditions to alleviate hazards to boaters and commercial vessels. Efforts will be made to ensure work does not unnecessarily impede navigation.

In March 2014, NJDOT announced the start of a multi-year, multi-million dollar State Channel Dredging Program that is designed to return New Jersey’s waterways, many of which have been severely impacted by Superstorm Sandy, to a state of good repair.