Dressta Hires Vice President, Opens Distribution Center

Tue March 06, 2007 - National Edition

Dressta North America opened a new parts distribution center, which became operational January 2007.

The company appointed Rich Jilek as vice president North American Parts Operations.

“Rich has the in-depth experience running parts operations both on the OEM side and the distributor side,” said Tom McGonigle, president of Dressta North America. “He truly understands why customers need to receive parts shipments in a timely manner and understands the importance of building partnering relationships with our distributors in order to make that happen.”

The new parts distribution center will use the latest parts management systems including online ordering, barcoding, order tracking and electronic parts catalog.

“Our new facility will operate at the highest levels of performance with a strong focus on customer support. Systems will be driven by a ’sense of urgency’ and getting parts to our distributors and customers fast,” said Jilek.

“Customers will see the difference with a high level of parts availability through their local Dressta distributor and faster customer service on all parts orders. Our distributors will experience significantly improved communications, response, and overall support from Dressta North America.”

Jilek has served the construction industry in various parts operation assignments or executive positions since 1969, including time with several manufacturers and distributors.

For more information, call 847/573-1250.