Easy-to-Transport Link-Belt Proves Valuable at AL Plant

Tue March 30, 2004 - Southeast Edition

When James Guarnieri, executive vice president of BSE Industrial Contractors, began searching for a new lattice-boom truck crane, he knew that he wanted a low-weight machine that would be easy to transport.

His company, which is a division of Birmingham Steel Erectors based in Birmingham, AL, specializes in commercial structural steel erection, industrial plant shutdown maintenance, plant renovation, machinery installation, heavy rigging and crane rental. The company takes on jobs throughout the Southeast and Southwest.

For this reason, Guarnieri sought the help of Jake Sanders and Steve Evans of Atlantic & Southern Equipment in Lake City, GA, who recommended the Link-Belt HC-278H II.

The 300-ton lattice-boom truck crane offers 330 ft. of boom and 100 ft. of jib –– and is easy to transport, assemble, breakdown and move out of any job site.

“The low weight of the machine was advantageous to us for transport,” said Guarnieri. “If I have a job, say 40 or 50 miles away, I can leave my office and be on the job and boomed up with 340 feet of boom in about four hours.”

The Link-Belt’s capabilities proved invaluable during a recent job at a cement plant in Leeds, AL.

The new crane was needed to hoist segments of ductwork, each weighing between 15,000 to 16,000 lbs. (6,804 to 7,257 kg). The job required 290 ft. (88.4 m) of main boom and 50 ft. (15.2 m) of jib for a total of 340 ft. (103.6 m) of lift, according to Guarnieri. The crane was on site for 11 days.

BSE also worked on bucket elevators in the same area. Bucket elevators pick up raw materials and dump them into a hopper.

“The crane worked out well for us on this and every job we’ve had it on,” noted Guarnieri. “It certainly has met or exceeded our expectations.

“Atlantic & Southern did everything they said they would do and I would do business with them again,” he said.

For more information, call Atlantic & Southern at 404/361-1100.