Eaton Hybrid Calculator Computes Fuel Savings

Sat November 08, 2008 - National Edition

Eaton Corporation’s Hybrid Power business unit has launched a new Web-based customer value calculator for hybrid power systems that gives potential buyers the opportunity to quickly and easily compute their estimated return on investment in environmentally friendly and fuel-saving hybrid vehicles.

The calculator compares the estimated costs associated with operating a vehicle equipped with a hybrid electric powertrain versus those associated with a non-hybrid powertrain. The calculator provides the information for two vocational truck types delivery and utility.

For delivery vehicles, estimated savings are determined according to:

• Typical truck life.

• Typical annual miles driven.

• Typical miles per gallon of current fleet.

For utility vehicles, estimated savings are determined according to those same three factors, plus:

• Typical hours at work site per day.

• Typical working days per year.

• Typical idle gallons per hour.

Results are then displayed in an easy-to-follow format and include estimated price, savings and payback figures according to three scenarios — worst conditions, typical conditions and best conditions.

A colorful bar chart with information on estimated percentage of fuel usage, and subsequent driving and work site savings, also is displayed.

The calculator also allows the buyer to include any tax incentives, rebates or grants that may be offered for the use of alternative fuel or hybrid power systems in commercial vehicles in their area. Hybrid-powered commercial vehicles can be certified for U.S. federal tax credits of $12,000 per vehicle and numerous other regional and local incentives are available.

Roadranger Field Marketing representatives are trained to help customers locate and apply this funding to their truck purchase.

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