Employment Opportunities For Crane Operators and Riggers

Thu March 09, 2017 - National Edition

Becoming a crane operator in the construction industry is easier said than done. Crane Operators hold many responsibilities on a construction site. Common duties include: handling equipment, performing moves, collaborating with other workers, using remote consoles, lifting heavy objects, settling loads and more. At the core of this position, should be an operator who loves the equipment they run. Because the equipment needs to operate at peak performance, an operator should be familiar with the nuts and bolts of the machine - the better you know your machines the easier it is to prevent breakdowns.

It's becoming increasingly difficult for construction companies to find skilled labor. In fact, a recent study shows that understaffed construction companies experienced negative impacts, including:

•Inability to bid on work

•Lose out to competition

•Decrease in company growth


Working at a construction company as a crane operator has many benefits, including salary, job growth, and the ability to immediately start in the workforce after leaving school. Professionals can enter this trade skill at any time without the need of a degree. Certifications aren't always necessary, but can help expand your career in the crane operating trade. This means that you can start making money immediately without spending tens of thousands of dollars on schooling.

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