Equipment Lock Company to Be National Distributor of DataDot Identification Technology

Wed September 26, 2012 - National Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

The Equipment Lock Company (TELC) — a company that manufactures and sells anti-theft and safety locking devices for all types of trucks and heavy equipment — will now offer customers DataDot Identification Technology.

TELC is partnering with DataDot Technology USA to offer DataDot Identification Technology to the construction, utility, container and various related markets. This technology was first used in the automotive industry, but applies to anyone who wants to protect their personal items, tools or equipment.

DataDots are tiny discs encoded with unique information that provides a means of identifying equipment, hand tools, power tools, parts and supplies (including copper). DataDots may be applied with a pressurized can (to propel the high adhesive glue) or they may be brushed on directly from the tub. The customer’s company information is encoded on each dot, which is smaller than the head of a pin. The dots are pressure washer and high heat resistant. Once applied to a covert location, they dry in just a few hours and can be easily found using a black light, which makes the UV trace in the adhesive glow. A thirty power magnifier then allows you to read the company information encoded on the DataDots. The customer’s company information is stored in the secure DataDotDNA Database to assist in recovery efforts of stolen assets.

About TELC

For nearly ten years, TELC has been manufacturing and developing locking devices that mechanically lock the drive controls of skid loaders, backhoes, excavators, and other types of heavy equipment. TELC also offers locking devices for sea containers, office trailers, forklifts and more. TELC products are powder coated and/or electroplated for a durable finish and use high-security barrel style keys. The devices can be special ordered keyed alike. Some products are offered with a built-in four-digit changeable combination lock.

About DataDot Technology

DataDot Technology Limited is an Australian public company that has been developing theft deterrent and asset identification technologies for the past 15 years. DataDot products are sold by distributors in 28 countries. Applying a unique identity to an item is beneficial in numerous ways.

• It allows tracking and identification of the origin of the item, as well as details of its manufacture, ownership, authenticity and destination.

• It assists in providing quality assurance of component parts and manufacturing processes.

• It reduces criminal activity by deterring counterfeiting and theft and assists in the recovery and return of assets that have been stolen.

For more information, call 866/565-4887 or visit home.asp.

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