Evaporative Cooler Reduces Air Temperatures by 26 Degrees

Wed July 19, 2006 - National Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

Coolspace portable evaporative cooler will increase employee comfort on those hot summer days. Coolspace evaporative coolers perform in areas where conventional air-conditioning would be cost prohibitive, impractical or unavailable, according to the manufacturer.

The Coolspace portable evaporative cooler is offered in two sizes, 16 and 36-in. (40.6 and 91.4 cm) fans, and can be used in large open areas including manufacturing, warehouses, repair facilities, airplane hangers, livestock areas and athletic fields.

Its 8-in. (20.3 cm) evaporative pads and specially designed housing allows it to reduce air temperatures by up to 26 degrees, even in high relative humidity conditions. Unlike a swamp cooler, which floods the air with water, the Coolspace portable evaporative cooler reduces air temperature using moist evaporative cooling pads.

The unit housing is constructed of corrosion-free polyethylene mounted on an aluminum base with 4-in. (10.2 cm) casters. Electrical terminals and connections are encased in watertight enclosures for safety. A fan motor designed for evaporative coolers also is included.

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