Extec S-7 Designed for Producers With Large Throughput

Mon December 03, 2007 - National Edition

Designed for the aggregate producer who requires large throughput, true mobility, and four clean gradings, Extec has developed the S-7. The S-7 is based around the doublescreen concept, but with a triple deck screen arrangement.

Although possessing many customer-focused features, at the heart of the S-7 is the triple deck doublescreen box. This enables the screener to incorporate such mould breaking features as independent screen-box slope, independent screen-box vibration, independent screen-box amplitude, and independent screen-box speed.

The advanced triple deck doublescreen box of the S-7 allows for individual changes to the drive, angling, vibration and meshes of each screen box. The two 10- by 5-ft. (3 by 1.5 m) triple deck screen boxes offer a high level of separation on most materials, at very high rates of production, according to the manufacturer.

The screen boxes possess the same advantages as found on the S-Series, but the S-7 has the added benefit of being able to adjust the amplitude of the box depending on what type of screening is required. This can be changed on either of the two boxes providing the option to run the primary at a higher amplitude to the secondary, or vice versa.

The S-7 possesses extended stockpiling conveyors, with faster running belts, to enable even greater productivity. In order to support the longer conveyors, and cope with the increasingly strenuous demands aggregate producers now place on their plant, the S-7 utilizes a purpose-built chassis designed around the 4-way split design.

For more information, visit www.extecscreens.eu.