Ferruccio Moritsch, Pioneer, Innovator of Tower Crane Industry, Dies

Mon July 18, 2011 - National Edition

Ferruccio Moritsch
Ferruccio Moritsch

Ferruccio Moritsch, pioneer and innovator of the tower crane industry, passed away at the age of 76 on July 9 in Italy.

After founding Comedil in 1962 and Recom in 2004, Mr. Ferruccio consistently pioneered the tower crane industry worldwide throughout his lifetime with the development of a significant number of tower crane products and innovations marked notably by the launch of the first Hammerhead tower crane in 1965, the first telescopic self-erecting tower crane in 1968, the first luffing boom tower crane in 1988, and the first extra large 44 ton (40 t) capacity flat top tower crane in 2005.

Acquired by Terex Corp., Comedil became part of Terex Cranes in 1999 where Mr. Ferruccio continued to share his experience and accomplishments with his daughter Martina, general manager of Terex Cranes Global Tower Crane business, son Simone, Global Tower Crane sales director, and their team at the company’s tower crane facility in Fontanafredda, PN, Italy.

Recom, that is partially Terex-owned since 2010, has been co-managed by Mr. Ferruccio’s first son Mariano, under his father’s leadership, over recent years.

Today, Mr. Ferruccio’s three children will continue to develop their father’s proud legacy under and in collaboration with the Terex Cranes brand.