Flagler Hosts First Awards Banquet

Fri May 11, 2007 - Southeast Edition

Flagler Construction Equipment LLC held its first sales awards banquet at the Country Club of Orlando April 3.

The awards included:

• The Golden Broom Award (award for the cleanest branch shop) — Jacksonville

• Branch Manager of the Year — Dean Bengford, Ft. Myers

• Service Manager of the Year — Dennis Keene, Ft. Myers

• Parts Manager of the Year — Rich Jurkowski, Ft. Myers

• Customer Support Representative of the Year — Bill Ramsey, Tampa

• Salesman of the Year — Jerry Mariani, Ft. Myers

• The Chairman’s Award, Connie Fleming, corporate

Also, the following sales achievement awards were presented:

• Highest Volvo Market Share — Jamie Terrill, Tampa

• Highest Revenue Producer — Jerry Mariani, Ft. Myers

• Highest Gross Margin Percentage — Mark Davis, Orlando

• Most Compact Units Sold — Jerry Mariani, Ft. Myers

The awards are expected to become an annual event.