Fluid Power Makes ’A Small Collection of Imperfect Dreams’ a Reality in Vegas

Tue April 19, 2005 - Northeast Edition

Fluid Power is no stranger to the world of entertainment. Although its primary focus is in the mobile and industrial sector, in the past few years the company has been involved in “show biz” projects.

Fluid Power supplied and installed the hydraulic systems for Terminator 2 3D for Universal Studios in 1996 and for “Twister” Universal Studios in 1997, both in Florida; and Terminator 2, Universal Studios in 1998 in Los Angeles. It also developed the hydraulic system that brings to life Audrey, the Venus flytrap plant, in the traveling show, “The Little Shop of Horrors.”

In May, the result of Fluid Power’s engineering and hydraulic system will be seen at the water show at the new Wynn Resorts Hotel in Las Vegas, NV.

“We began the design of the hydraulic system in late 2002,” said Keith Van Tine, president of Fluid Power. “The hydraulic system was shipped to New York for testing in November 2003 and installation began in March 2004. The system was commissioned in November 2004.”

The project was for a hydraulic power unit and piping system that operates a series of hydraulic platforms or stages that are a part of the Aqua Theater, which is the premier show at the hotel. The show is titled, “A Small Collection of Imperfect Dreams.”

“The hydraulic lifts are all installed under water. The center lift has 38 feet of stroke and will extend a rotating turntable 16 feet above the water level in its extended position. All the lifts can move at up to six inches per second and can be precisely positioned,” explained Van Tine.

The hydraulic unit is a combination of 14 pumps capable of supplying 700 gpm at 1,500 psi. There are seven electric motors totaling 710 hp. The hydraulic unit was installed in an equipment room and connects to the valve control manifold (80 ft. away) with 3-, 4- and 6-in. piping. From the control manifold, the piping is directed to 11 lifts — all under water — using stainless steel piping.

This aquatic show will be performed in a domed theater constructed “in the round,” with the farthest seat located 14 rows or 40 ft. from the action. The show was designed to create an intimate and personal theater-going experience, which surrounds, involves and embraces the spectators, according to a press release. CEG Staff