GCS Revolutionizes Wood Grinder Tips with New Design

Mon November 17, 2014 - National Edition

American ingenuity is alive and well with GrinderCrusherScreen Inc. as the company has recently introduced a brand new design of wood grinder replacement tips.

GrinderCrusherScreen Inc. has unveiled its newly completely redesigned wood grinder tips that are specific for horizontal and wood grinders.

An independent company tested GrinderCrusherScreen’s newly formulated grinder teeth.

According to Neal Kaiserman, president of GrinderCrusherScreen, “The majority of the customers in our industry do realize the amount of time it takes to change tips and comprehend the value associated with longer lasting tips…GrinderCrusherScreen is extremely confident that once the wood grinder teeth are installed on the customer’s machine and they witness first-hand the aggressiveness and longevity of the parts that they will become a customer for life.”

GrinderCrusherScreen spent thousands of dollars and more than a year testing its new grinding tips.

“We are an old school type of company,” said Kaiserman. “We are now ready to put our tips where our mouth is and encourage all customers to experiment and see the difference this new design makes.”

For more information on GrinderCrusherScreen Inc., call 770/433-2670 or visit www.GrinderCrusherScreen.com.