Geith Forming a Successful Attachment With Western U.S.

Fri December 23, 2005 - National Edition
Kate Zanoni

Geith, an international manufacturer of attachments for the construction, excavation, demolition and scrap handling industries, has expanded westward in a push for national sales.

With its U.S. headquarters in Virginia, the recent expansion into the west has allowed Geith to cater to all 50 states.

“We now cover everywhere west of the Mississippi,” said Gerry Kealy, Geith sales manager. “With this expansion, we can supply the western market.”

Geith has four main divisions spanning across the United States: the Northeast, Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and West Coast markets.

Since the western expansion began, the company has focused most of its sales efforts on the West Coast.

“Our markets across the country are pretty evenly spread, but the bulk of our sales are in the Northeast and Midwest,” said Kealy.

Over the past few years, sales have increased the most in the South, particularly in the Southeast and Texas where the demand for attachments has grown.

Geith’s coupler sales have tripled overall in the past few years. Kealy attributes the jump in sales to the company’s new quick coupler and operating system design.

“The new design has been a revelation,” said Kealy. “People are buying couplers more often for excavators than they were in the past because there is a larger market for them.”

The new couplers were designed with easy-to-use operations and revolutionary safety features, said Kealy.

Designers sought to fully involve the operator in the usage of the new coupler system to increase the safety environment for workers.

According to Kealy, supplying the market is no longer a challenge, as it has been in the past. Since the market is delivery oriented, Geith can ensure that its supply will meet customers’ demands.

“Servicing huge growth is not a problem anymore,” said Kealy. “The new factory helps with our supply.”

Kealy cited overseas competition as Geith’s biggest challenge for the future.

“If the market moves to international suppliers in China, we will have difficulty competing,” he said.

Despite the threat of impending international competition, Geith has been rather successful in the European market.

The company’s headquarters and corporate office is located in Ireland. Geith also has additional locations in Wales and France to cater to demands overseas.

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