GeoShack Holds Annual Technology Roadshow in Ashland

Thu April 26, 2012 - Midwest Edition
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Murphy Tractor & Equipment’s Dean Bradley (L) and Mark Hash were ready to discuss John Deere’s line up of equipment.
Murphy Tractor & Equipment’s Dean Bradley (L) and Mark Hash were ready to discuss John Deere’s line up of equipment.
Murphy Tractor & Equipment’s Dean Bradley (L) and Mark Hash were ready to discuss John Deere’s line up of equipment. Attendees watch as the John Deere 764 high-speed dozer equipped with 3D-MC2 machine control goes to work. GeoShack’s Steve Hatfield (R) sets up the Faro Focus 3D high-speed 3D laser scanner for (L-R) Dave Wachtman, Alex Products; and Ken Nehls and Ron Stepka, McCabe Engineering. Mike Fenster (L) of GeoShack demonstrates the Topcon Hyper2 GPS with Pocket 3D software for Bill Loetz of Kucera International Inc. The GeoShack crew (L-R), Paul Naylor, Mike Fenster, Greg Koly, Dan O’Reilly, and Mark Spangler were on hand to help with the presentation during the Technology Roadshow. Blayne Reusch (L), Reumac Stabilization, gets some pointers from GeoShack’s Jamie Raklovits before giving the John Deere 764 high-speed dozer a test run.

GeoShack held its annual Technology Roadshow at the Ashland County Fairgrounds in Ashland, Ohio on April 19. The day-long event featured a classroom presentation that covered the latest technologies designed for leveling, alignment, measurement and machine control.

According to GeoShack Vice President, Dan O’Reilly, Topcon is working with several paving equipment manufacturers to integrate their Millimeter GPS+ system with the manufacturers’ concrete pavers. The technology provides both grade and steering for increased efficiency in blue-topping and other fine tolerance work. Topcon Millimeter GPS+ combines the advantages of laser technology with GPS. O’Reilly explained that while the 3D GPS+ and 3D-millimeter GPS+ systems work extremely well when within range of a GPS satellite signal, Topcon’s LPS systems are available for when satellite signals are limited.

Also discussed were improvements to the 3D-MC2 machine control system. The system provides corrections to the blade 100 time per second, increasing the speed and efficiency of the dozers. O’Reilly explained that they’ve seen grading at speeds as high as 13 mph. In terms of time saved and materials costs, the system can pay for itself in 3.9 mi. of production.

The new Topcon TESLA tablet pc large screen data collector also was presented. The TESLA has a 5.7-in. screen and employs Windows Mobile 6.5.3 operating system, operating with Topcon’s software suite, Pocket 3D and Layout.

GeoShack’s Steve Hatfield introduced the Faro Focus 3D high-speed 3D laser scanner. GeoShack recently became the distributor for Faro Technologies’ Focus3D in Ohio, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri. As a part of their Scanning & Imaging division, the Focus 3D scanner is used for detailed measurement and documentation. The small tri-pod mounted unit uses laser technology to produce detailed three-dimensional images of complex environments and geometries within a few minutes.

Lunch was served after the classroom sessions followed by hands-on demonstrations. Murphy Tractor & Equipment had an indoor table top display at the event and provided a John Deere 764 high-speed dozer for demonstration with GeoShack’s 3D-MC2 machine control system.

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