Gibson Machinery Matches Ace Demo With Doosan, Doppstadt

Sat October 16, 2010 - Midwest Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

The Doosan DX 480 excavator equipped with an Aim Attachments grapple makes quick work of this section of wall.
The Doosan DX 480 excavator equipped with an Aim Attachments grapple makes quick work of this section of wall.
The Doosan DX 480 excavator equipped with an Aim Attachments grapple makes quick work of this section of wall. This Doosan DL 200 wheel loader fills another truckload of scrap metal. A Doosan 460 skid steer loader with a Genesis Versi-Pro and grapple attachment is ready to go to work. (L-R): Gibson Machinery LLC’s Mike Camp checks in with Ace Demo Inc.’s Patrick Lally and Bob Andrews. Operating his Doosan DX 300LC excavator, Patrick Lally is kept busy feeding the Doppstadt DW 3060K slow speed shredder. The Doppstadt DW 3060K is equipped with a magnet to divert metal scrap and a spray system to reduce dust.

When Patrick Lally and his partner Bob Andrews started Ace Demo Incorporated to do demolition work as a part of Cleveland’s Residential Neighborhood Stabilization program, they called Gibson Machinery LLC President, Lee Gibson and purchased a Doosan 225 excavator. Lally explained that he had previously purchased a skid steer from Gibson and was impressed with the machine and level of service he’d received. Two years later, the company employs an 11 person crew, support staff and has a fleet that includes a Doosan 225 excavator, a Doosan DX 300 excavator, a Doosan DX 480 excavator, a Doosan DL 200 wheel loader and a Doosan 460 skid steer and they recently brought in a Doppstadt DW 3060K slow speed shredder for a trial run.

From its start in residential demolition, Ace Demolition Inc. has grown its business to include apartment complexes and schools. The company has a contract with the City of Cleveland and currently has five schools lined up for demolition. Because the schools require compliance with the LEED Silver standard, Ace Demo chose to bring in the Doppstadt DW 3060K slow speed shredder to help it reclaim materials for recycling and reduce trucking costs.

The Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) rating system was developed by the U.S. Green Building Council in cooperation with government agencies, architects, engineers, product manufacturers and developers and provides a framework of goals, reporting and compliance standards covering all aspects of the development and construction process. Ace Demo Inc.’s Ashley Cancel handles the intensive paperwork required for the jobs. Ace Demo Inc.’s current work at the Orchard Elementary School of Science in Cleveland involves 45,000 sq. ft. (37,625 sq m) of demolition. Its winning bid of $600,000 includes a $300,000 abatement.

Lally estimated that with the help of the Doppstadt DW 3060K slow speed shredder, nearly 100 percent of the tear down material will be recycled. The company is working with PSI Recycling Services, with the scrap metal destined for Ashtabula Iron & Metal and the on the job trucking being handled by Ohio Bulk Transfer.

On these types of jobs, mobility is important and the tracked chassis makes moving the shredder on the job site fast and efficient. The Doppstadt DW 3060K shredder is powered by a Mercedes-Benz 430 HP diesel motor, has fluid coupling power transfer and a hydraulic cooling system and a reversing fan. The 10-ft. (3 m) long shaft is 24 in. (61 cm) in diameter and has a rear conveyor that is 16 ft. (4.8 m) long and 4 ft. (1.2 m) wide. Placed by hydraulic rams with nitrogen filled accumulators, the heavy-duty comb is capable of breaking away and repositioning during operation to prevent damage from un-crushable materials. This built-in safety feature can be user adjusted for material tolerance levels.

The Doppstadt DW 3060K can also be outfitted with remote control, winter equipment for the Mercedes-Benz diesel, comb extensions, overband cross-magnet, magnetic head pulley for the rear conveyor and a damping facility for external water supply and 48 in. (14.6 m) hopper heightening plates.

According to Lally, the Doppstadt is perfect for what they do, is impressed with the capabilities of the shredder and is considering making the “rent-to-own” machine a permanent part of the Ace Demo fleet.

Lally said that Doosans are the only machines they use. He likes the switch control and says the orange machines are easy to operate and maintain. He added the price and quality of the Doosan equipment makes them hard to beat. For Lally, a big part of his decision was based on an outstanding working relationship with Gibson Machinery and said that Lee Gibson promised the best local service and he’s been true to his word. Lally went on to say that Ace Demo wouldn’t be where it is today without Gibson Machinery.

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