GOMACO’s GT-3600 With G+ Controller and Topcon mmGPS 3D

Tue February 24, 2015 - National Edition

The GOMACO GT-3600 with Topcon mmGPS 3D machine guidance slipforms tight radii curb and gutter on a parking lot project.
The GOMACO GT-3600 with Topcon mmGPS 3D machine guidance slipforms tight radii curb and gutter on a parking lot project.

Contractors specializing in tight radii island paving and other parking lot challenges now have some powerful options for 3D slipforming. The GOMACO GT-3600 curb and gutter machine with 3D guidance quickly and accurately slipforms tight radii curb and gutter in parking lots.

The GT-3600 with all-track steering (ATS) is built for turning tight radii, as tight as 24 in. (61 cm). The Topcon 3D system uses algorithms for tight radii that simulate how steer sensors would work on stringline and automatically adjusts in and out of a radius. The software also has definable parameters to help sharpen cornering, as well as transitions in the entry and exit of the radius to provide smoother results. The 3D system is able to anticipate and adjust to the radius accordingly, because it has the project model loaded into its computer with the upcoming design elements.

The GT-3600 features a 15 ft. (4.6 m) long, 24 in. wide charging conveyor and a hopper designed for extra concrete capacity. Fully loading the conveyor and hopper before entering the radius allows you to complete the radius without having to wait for another concrete delivery. The mold on the GT-3600 is positioned to assure perfect placement of the concrete through the radius and the operator’s platform offers ultimate visibility of the entire slipforming operation, according to the manufacturer.

The three-track GT-3600 is a multi-application trimmer/slipform paver with job-proven results throughout the world. It is versatile and its applications include curb and gutter, tight radii, cul-de-sacs, safety barriers, bridge parapets, sidewalks, recreational paths, and flat slabs up to 10 ft. (3 m) wide. It has a fast tracking speeds for quickly moving around large projects. The travel speed is up to 125 ft. per minute (38 mpm), and the low speed provides the smooth crawl necessary for slipforming concrete.

GOMACO’s G+ control system has an entire library of sensor capabilities for controlling slope, grade and steer with set-up configurations for any project requirement. The G+ control system integrates with the major 3D guidance systems, including Topcon, Leica Geosystems and Trimble. It’s as simple as connecting with G+ Connect.

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