Goodyear Expands DuraSeal to Include Severe-Service Tires

Tue October 17, 2006 - National Edition

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company expanded its self-sealing commercial tire technology to include more mixed-service tires for vehicles that require maximum off-road traction.

DuraSeal technology will be available in Unisteel G177 severe-service drive tires.

Rich Cottrell, product manager for mixed-service tires, said the technology’s expansion into the G177 “is a no-brainer. Adding DuraSeal technology to the G177 will reduce vehicle downtime due to punctures.”

Goodyear G177’s tread design helps provide strong off-road traction. Mining, logging, landfill, road-building and other severe-service applications use the tires on the drive axle to give their equipment added grip, Cottrell said.

The tire also features high-tear strength tread compound to help resist rubber chipping and chunking.

An enhanced casing design helps improve strength, puncture-resistance and retreadability, he added.

“Adding DuraSeal technology to this tough tire further enhances the G177’s value and helps fleets reduce their operating costs,” Cottrell said.

The technology helps seal tread-area punctures up to .25 in. in diameter when they occur, greatly reducing vehicle downtime.

The technology, previously only available in Unisteel G287 MSA and G288 MSA mixed-service tires, allows tires to remain in service.

They can be retreaded and retain sealing effectiveness, Cottrell said.

The gel-like, solvent-free compound built into the inner liner of the tire consistently and instantly seals punctures up to .25 in. in the tread area.

Cottrell said tires featuring the technology “logically would move into severe service before it becomes mainstream. We will consider its use in other applications, based on customer needs.”

Available in sizes 11R22.5 H, 11R24.5 H and 12R22.5 H, the G177 mixed-service tire featuring DuraSeal technology is manufactured in Goodyear’s Danville, VA, plant.

A 12R24.5 H size will be available in September.

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